About Us

Who we are

Live On Stage is a small but integral part of Portland’s rich and vibrant theatre community. We are composed of artists, audience members and arts advocates dedicated to developing new opportunities for our amazing local talent. Together we work to build new appreciation for the arts in Portland and the surrounding communities through live performances and programming.


Live On Stage is grounded in a grand vision: A vibrant, active and expanding theatre community; musical theatre that attracts and embraces broad audiences; a stellar network for the development of professional theatre artists; an arts community in Portland that is active, dynamic and constantly evolving. We will inspire those new to live theatre performance -- and those more experienced -- by providing opportunities to learn, grow, perform and experience live productions. Through it all, we’ll be true to the music, true to the artists, true to the audiences and true to everything that is grand about being a part of theatre that is Live On Stage.


Live On Stage actively advances the education and development of performing artists in the community and the enjoyment of live theatre.

Live On Stage is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization


Bradley Clifford - Secretary/Treasurer
Bradley Clifford Designs
John Oules - President
Founder/Artistic Director - Live On Stage

Resource Council

George Thorn
Arts Action Research
Jennifer Gilstrap
Jennifer Goldsmith
Portland Center Stage
Dennis Johnson
McDonald Jacobs