Portland Mini Musical Festival 2020

Portland Mini Musical Festival 2020

Portland Mini Musical Festival 2020 Line Up

Mini Musical Music Director/Conductor: Darcy White

Murder From Beyond
Music, Book, and Lyrics by John Vergin
Directed by John Oules
Lady Clarissa, who is adept in spiritualism, communicates with Hendricks who, having died, now lives in the spirit world. He informs her that his death was not accidental, but was actually murder. Lady Clarissa summons Inspector Spot to help determine who the killer was.
Starring Emily Sahler, Hudson Hale, Kevin Michael Moore, Cassandra Pangelinan, and Norman Wilson

The Saga of Dusty’s Blues
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Rick Lewis
Directed by Kevin Paul Clark
Dusty is the happiest girl in the whole USA.  She knows that the only thing holding her back is that she has no pain.
Starring Christine Greenhalgh Schultz and Joel Walker

Book Club
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Chari Smith
Directed by Courtney Freed
A group of women in varying stages of their adult lives, come together under the pretense of discussing a book. The book never gets discussed, but wine is imbibed, secrets are shared and support is given. It is a heartfelt tribute to the power of friendship among women, no matter what their age.
Starring Deirdre Atkinson, Bronwyn Baz, Essie Bertain, Stephanie Heuston, and Leah Yorkston

Music, Book, & Lyrics by Matthew B. Zrebski
Directed by Clara Hillier
We must all be protected...from ourselves – from our actions – and especially…from touch!  But don’t worry, there’s a drug for that!  Everything has a treatment!  And new girl, Belinda, will be properly educated by the school administration along with top student, Michelle, who will stop at nothing to shield her beloved Chris from Belinda’s wandering hand…which is, of course…attached to her arm…
Starring Collin Carver, Jennifer Goldsmith, Christine Greenhalgh Schultz, Hudson Hale, Julia Meyers, Cassandra Pangelinan, and Norman Wilson

The Safe
Music by Karl Mansfield
Book & Lyrics by Shawn Rogers
Directed by Kevin Paul Clark
Four Mafia Thugs watch as a young man sitting in front of a large safe works the dial in an attempt to open it. What riches await them within?  How will they spend it? And who made the first gluten free pizza and why? Oh..and they sing.
Starring Collin Carver, Anthony Chan, Matt Sa, James Sharinghousen, Camille Trinka, and Joel Walker

Book by Marianna Thielen
Music and Lyrics by Reece Marshburn and Marianna Thielen
Directed by Marianna Thielen
A town holds its first ever SAMx Speeches and brings in three local influencers to give inspirational talks and share their stories.
Starring Jillian Snow Harris, Kevin Michael Moore, Kira Perez, and Camille Trinka


Jan 30, 20207:30pm
Jan 31, 20207:30pm
Feb 01, 20202:00pm
Feb 01, 20207:30pm
Feb 02, 20202:00pm


Brunish Theatre - Portland’5 Centers for the Arts
1111 SW Broadway
Portland, OR