Portland Mini Musical Festival

Portland Mini Musical Festival

Live On Stage brings together Portland area writers and composers to create an evening full of brand new mini musicals! Below is the line up of mini musicals for 2019:

The Machine
Book and Lyrics by Rachel Tusler
Music by Lisa Marsh

Paris. The Reign of Terror. The last moments before an execution. An executioner, a woman in the crowd, and a prisoner are forced to confront what it means when death becomes a spectacle, murder is done by a machine, and they all have a part to play. The three face each other and their own demons—all under the shadow of France's “Widow”—Madame la Guillotine.

One Move
Book, music, and lyrics by
Matthew B. Zrebski

The story centers around a man who is in love with his personal drama ... in a world where in social media (and often in life) "trauma competition" abounds and allows for people to get attention ... where to be "broken" seems necessary.  But, of course, he feels empty, divided into multiple parts between his mind, body, spirit...and wishes to pull it all together and leap out a new person.  He is gender fluid and pansexual at his core...and once he becomes "one"...he can bust out his new fabulous self.

Carts of Darkness
Book, Music & Lyrics by Eric Nordin

Marlow (older sister, age 10) and Charlie (younger brother, Age 7), have just narrowly broken out of Småland, the child care center at IKEA, and are on the lamb from security as they set out on a journey down the river of IKEA corridors and shiny showrooms in search of their dad, Mr. Kurtz, who foolishly forgot to leave them their hand-held video game. The scrappy siblings must face unforeseen dangers, unsavory shoppers and Fjälkinge bookshelves, enflaming their fortitude and testing their familial bond right up to the harrowing (and explosive) ending.

The Little Guy
Music by Pat Rasile
Lyrics by Marc Kochanski
Book by Marc Kochanski & Pat Rasile

Ian and Sabrina are in a moment of passion, but things are not going well. Who can they appeal to for help? Cupid? God? Dan Savage? Ian's performance issues send him into a panic and into retreat, where he winds up getting advice from an unexpected source. Peter is an old friend of Ian's but also his employee. Bold and outspoken, Peter shares some surprising insights and evokes potent memories which help Ian see the remedy to his current situation. Spoiler: it's not Viagra.

Metaphor or Murder?
Music, Book, and Lyrics by John Vergin
The intrepid Inspector Spot of Scotland Yard encounters a strange case. He is called to the swank London flat of a well-off couple, who reside there with valet and maid. There are convoluted emotional entanglements, plus the suspicion that someone may have been murdered. Or seems to have been murdered. Or something very much like a murder may have occurred.....No one is certain; including Inspector Spot.


Jan 24, 20197:30 pm
Jan 25, 20197:30 pm
Jan 26, 20197:30 pm
Jan 27, 20192:00 pm


Brunish Theater
1111 SW Broadway Street
Portland, OR